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IGCSE Batch O/N 2019
Message from Andy: 

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those who have done exceptionally well for the Oct/Nov 2019 IGCSE examination. All the hard work and effort have borne fruits and we from Ascension are extremely proud to be part of your learning journey.

As for those who did not meet your desired grades, we acknowledge the blood, sweat and tears that you’ve poured into the preparation and are sure that you are cut out for much bigger things in life. You still have our unconditional love and blessings, and we are certainly proud of your achievements regardless of what you score.

Rest assured that this exam is not the end of your journey and it will never be. Life has so much more to offer. There are always new challenges ahead and we are certain that you can overcome each and every single one of them with a positive mentality and unbreakable endurance.

Continue to work hard and strive for the best, dream on and most importantly, always be happy, trust that everything in life will catch up when you are truly enjoying the process.

My heartiest wishes to you and every success in your future endeavours, never be afraid of moving forward; your future is bright!

Best regards,
Andy Lee

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Passion Driven Education

Coming from all walks of life, Ascension has a team of teachers that are education enthusiast which seeks to provide the best learning experience to students and to nurture our country’s talents from young.


100% Efficiency

Students Skills

Leveraging on our SMART system, we ensure that all our classes are designed in a way where students are able to master each topic at the least amount of time needed.


100% Results

Students Skills

Having a track record of more than 3 years, we have been receiving positive feedback from students, and having these track record, we are proud and confident that we would be able to assist students in their studies difficulty based on their weakness.


100% Support

Students Skills

Having a strong and diversified team of teachers, we are able to cater to each students need as we understand how each students have a different study language than the others, thus we provide the best resources and support to each students.

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Lee Hong
Chemistry Coordinator
Andy Lee
Head Teacher
Lucas Cheng
Maths Coordinator
Dr Chang
Science Coordinator
Miss Minoo
English Language Coordinator
Bei Ji
Language Coordinator | Apex LC Founder
Physics Coordinator
Accounting Coordinator

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