⭐ Live lesson with tutor through Google Meet

⭐ Informative notes along with every lesson

⭐ Homework and extra learning given every lesson

⭐ Past Year Paper techniques discussed and marked

Robust Platform

We offer an easy to use platform with “Google Hangout Meets” , this platform allows us to teach Live and also able to explain the concept through our whiteboard application where students are able to follow our classes step by step in real time!


Students can book a class schedule through Whatsapp or Live Chat with our teacher, once it’s booked, students would only need to go to our platform and click on the rooms where the booking has been made, and join the chat!

Ascension Unlimited Online Pass

Ascension Unlimited Online Pass is a limited-time-only package that covers IGCSE subjects! Our well-trained IGCSE teachers go through the topics and will also tackle past year paper questions every lesson to help you score A*.

The IGCSE subjects covered in this package are:

Additional Mathematics

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Grade Booster 101

Grade Booster 101 is a  past year analysis programme which is an intensive work-based class where students are taught the skills and technique to score in the exam. Each class is 2 hours and occurs every week, with a total of 8 hours a month. This program is recommended for students who have already gone through the syllabus and is seeking to focus on scoring.

The IGCSE subjects offered are as follows:
⭐ Biology
⭐ Chemistry
⭐ Physics
⭐ Additional Mathematics
⭐ Mathematics
⭐ English*
⭐ Accounting*

*Subjected to future inclusion

Price:RM78800Buy now

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Lee Hong
Chemistry Coordinator
Andy Lee
Head Teacher
Lucas Cheng
Maths Coordinator
Dr Chang
Science Coordinator
Miss Minoo
English Language Coordinator
Bei Ji
Language Coordinator | Apex LC Founder
Physics Coordinator
Accounting Coordinator
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