Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint

A* Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint Program

Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint is the foundation towards a brighter path , thus we focus in unleashing the student’s potential at the earliest age as possible.

Why us?

Vibrant Teachers

Teachers are always known to be the person with the greatest responsibility in empowering a student to greatness. By knowing this fact, our teachers all have a similar mindset which is to grow with the students.

Being Young, Vibrant and Fun, our teachers are able to establish a bond with students thus enhancing the learning effect! 

Tailored Notes

Being experienced educators, we put huge emphasis on our notes as we believed it is the next utmost important element in a student life. We build and customize our own notes to improve student’s understanding as well as aid them on their revision.


We believe that every individual is different than others, thus our teachers are constantly adapting to student’s need by suiting their teaching style base on a normal coaching guidelines.

Subjects Offered




Interested to know more?

Cambridge IGCSE Workshop

For Exam Batch May/June 2020

Limited Seats of 15 students per class!