[IGCSE] Ascension 1-1 Class

Started on October 28, 2019

Ascension 1-1 classes are recommended to students who want a more personalised class. As a 1-1 student, you are able to request for certain topics and you get your tutor’s complete attention. Our 1-1 classes are conducted 2 hours per week, with a total of 8 hours per month. Our 1-1 classes are most effective in promoting academic and personality growth in students.

The subjects offered for 1-1 classes are as follows:

⭐ Biology

⭐ Chemistry

⭐ Physics

⭐ Additional Maths

⭐ Mathematics

⭐ Coordinate Sciences

⭐ English

⭐ Accounting

⭐ Economics

⭐ Business Studies

⭐ History


⭐ Live lesson with tutor through Google Meet

⭐ Pace and syllabus chosen by the student themselves

⭐ Flexible timing

⭐ Past year paper techniques, critical thinking skills are trained

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