[IGCSE] Ascension Past Year Analysis

Started on December 9, 2019

Ascension Past Year Analysis Programme is an intensive work-based class where students are taught the skills and technique to score in the exam. Each class is 2 hours and occurs every week, with a total of 8 hours a month. This program is recommended for students who have already gone through the syllabus and is seeking to focus on scoring.

The IGCSE subjects offered are as follows:
⭐ Biology

⭐ Chemistry

⭐ Physics

⭐ Additional Mathematics

⭐ Mathematics

⭐ Coordinate Sciences

⭐ English

⭐ Accounting

⭐ Economics

⭐ Business Studies

⭐ History


⭐ Live lesson with tutor through Google Meet

⭐ Past year questions are discussed clearly in classes

⭐ Common mistakes debunked and misconceptions tackled

⭐ Critical thinking skills are trained

⭐ Memorisation techniques given, the Ascension way!

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