[IGCSE] Ascension Unlimited Online Pass

Started on December 23, 2019

Ascension Unlimited Online Pass is a limited-time-only package that covers IGCSE subjects! Our well-trained IGCSE teachers go through the topics and will also tackle past year paper questions every lesson to help you score A*.

The IGCSE subjects covered in this package are:

⭐ Biology

⭐ Chemistry

⭐ Physics

⭐ Additional Mathematics

⭐ Mathematics


⭐ Live lesson with tutor through Google Meet

⭐ Informative notes along with every lesson

⭐ Homework and extra learning given every lesson

⭐ Past Year Paper techniques discussed and marked

Terms and Conditions:

– The Unlimited Pass package includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics classes.

– Each session will last for an approximate 1 hour and 30 minutes.

– The one-time full payment must be made before the student is allowed to join any classes or sessions.

– The student can choose the day of activation for their Pass.

– The schedule for classes is subject to changes and will be announced every Sunday before the week commences. In the case of a change, prior notice will be given on our platforms.

– The Unlimited Pass is assigned to only one student and cannot be transferred over to another person.

– If it is found out that the student is sharing resources to non-Pass holders or causing disruptions on our platform,  Ascension has the right to revoke the student’s Pass.

– The Unlimited Pass is non-refundable.

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