How to be Closer to Success? – 4 Habits to Pick Up

Mark Zuckerberg. Lionel Messi. Ariana Grande. Walt Disney. One is a CEO, one is a football player, one is a singer and one is best friends with a mouse.

So, what do all these people have in common? Well, they are all what we would often define as “successful”. But, what is success and how do we go about it, as young students?

1) Learning effectively.

Anywhere can be a classroom, however, for most, it is usually a conventional, four-walled concrete building. Due to that, being in class can often be a terrible experience. However, sometimes the only reason why it is is that we do not learn effectively.

Ask yourself – do you make notes during your classes? Do you ask questions when you do not understand? Do you take classwork given seriously?

If you already do all of those above, go further – do you reread your notes after classes? Do you approach your teachers outside of class to get clarification on things? Do you review and correct your classwork after classes?

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2) Admitting to your mistakes.

In Malaysia, most of us were brought up to achieve perfection in everything. We dread the idea of receiving “Do your correction” in red pen after topical tests or spelling bees, and a common pastime most of us used to have is doing your correction while daydreaming.

Because of that, most of us hate admitting we make mistakes. It’s disgraceful; it’s shameful; it’s better if no one knew. But, we need to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect student – even Anakin Skywalker who was deemed to be “The Chosen One” had his “dark” flaws.

There is something for everyone to improve on – be it your understanding of basic concepts or even your handwriting – it is important to stay humble and honest. If not, you might just end up burning on a fire planet.

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3) Planning out your days.

Today, we are extremely connected to each other. Scheduling a meetup is never a problem – it only takes a Whatsapp message, free time and some money. But, this connectivity is causing a good number of us to have FOMO (fear of missing out). We see too much of what everyone else is doing and think too little about what we need to do. In the end, we end up with piles of work to do and a lack of motivation to do it because we are just so tired.

Planning out your “days off” strategically throughout the month can allow you to keep going further. Instead of studying for 5 hours straight, you can plan out 5 hours of studying with well-deserved breaks every once in a while between. Instead of pushing yourself to stay up studying non-stop for an exam a week before, you can start studying for it even 2 weeks before with loads of little breaks in between.

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By doing so, you don’t forget your knowledge because you are constantly studying it, bit by bit at a comfortable pace.

4) Maintaining consistency.

At the start of the year, many of us create new year resolutions, in hopes that we will stick to it and emerge as completely new people. Let’s say that you planned on getting more fit this year. You went all out getting new gear and renewed your gym membership. In fact, you even renewed it for half a year. Your first week at the gym was great – you went the same time every 2 days – at 6 pm. But, one day, your friends invite you out for dinner. You decide to skip going to the gym that day, thinking: “It’s just one day.” Two days later, your friends invite you out again. So, you skipped again and never went back again.

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Much like working out, all the habits above need to be achieved consistently for results to be seen.


Generally, we all label success differently. To parents, teaching their child how to say their first word would be considered a success; but to an entrepreneur, perhaps reaching 8 digits in their bank account would be considered a success.

Well, what do these two opposites have in common then? They all worked for it. Today, I will leave you with a quote from Napoleon Hill:

“Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it.”

All the best and good luck!

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